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Misty Vale Farm is looking for residents to replace two board members who have resigned.  The two positions are Treasurer and Vice President, Administration - Deed Restrictions; residents interested in the positions should send an e-mail to the President on the contact us page of the website. 
Per the deed restrictions no boats; trailers or recreational vehicles are allowed within sight.  They must be either parked in a garage; an enclosed fence area or screened by landscaping.  They must be on a hardened surface and stored out of sight except for the actual homeowner.
A new website has been designed to allow better communication between the board members and residents. By registering on the website you will have access to a message board where you can post items for all registered residents to view. The message board can be used to notify other residents of Misty Vale Farm that they have just lost their dog or cat; what it looks like; where it was last seen; if they need someone to walk their dog; mow their grass; have a free item they just want to get rid of; are selling an item; would like to buy an item; etc.  You cannot post your businesses on this site.  The message board will be monitored and must be approved before it is posted.  If you are delinquent over a year in your Home Owners Association dues you will not be granted access to the website until it is paid in full or payment arrangments have been made.

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All officer positions need to be renewed and/or replaced.  Two of our offices have stepped down and are available; the vacant positions are Treasurer and Vice President, Administration.  If anyone is interested in holding one of the offices; please submit your information to the Misty Vale Farm President.  Please submit the following information: Position; Name; Address; Occupation; length of time in the community and any message you would like to add.
The officer positions and duties are as follows:
President; overall decisions concerning the community; contacting our local representatives on issues.
Treasurer; paying community bills; invoicing for community dues; financing and budget issues; filing taxes.
Vice President, Administration - Deed Restrictions; contacting residents concerning deed violations & follow-up.
Vice President, Operations - Maintenance; request/review bids for common area lawn care and snow removal.
Recording Secretary; Meeting Minutes, residental communication and website updates.
All officers attend board meeting.
The next yard sale will be Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 8 a.m. till 1 p.m.. Rain or shine.

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